Why ellipticSecure?

We help IT professionals secure their environment so they can sleep better at night.

Our General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Hardware Security Keys protect cryptographic keys from being compromised, secures VPN access, enables strong authentication to prevent phishing attacks - and much more.

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Server environment protection

The eHSM is perfect for:

  • Certificate Authority root key protection
  • VPN server key protection
  • General key management
  • Custom applications
  • Enabling GDPR compliance
  • Network access
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Personal Account Protection

The MIRkey is perfect for:

  • Securing online account access
  • Protecting SSH keys
  • Protecting VPN client keys
  • Document signing
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The Hardware Security Module
with flexible usage options

Server Protection

To enhance its reach, the eHSM can be shared on your network and thus provide security for applications across multiple physical and virtual servers.

Our solution creates a secure tunnel between your applications and the eHSM to protect data communicated while it is in use.


Our solution supports functions like: asymmetric signing, hashing, key wrapping and decryption. The eHSM supports most of the commonly used encryption algorithms and is compatible with all major operating systems.

Fast and Easy to use

Save time and money by centralising your security with the eHSM in a distributed environment and performing all cryptographic operations from one location.

This also increases physical security as there is only a single area that requires protection.

Secure keys

With the eHSM you can import, create and store keys safely. Because of it’s hardware nature, the eHSM protects your keys from being stolen, used or accessed via your network or server. This protects your environment from malevolent persons as well as malware and viruses.

While in use, the eHSM performs crypto operations on its own hardware and thus limits access from software and people.


Interfaces via the industry-standard PKCS#11, Microsoft CNG, Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA), Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and FIDO2 (U2F and CTAP2). Support for Native libraries on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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Useful in multiple applications:

Secure key generation

Multi Factor Authentication

Master key storage (for Certification and Registration Authorities)

Secure storage of VPN keys

Encrypt data without the risk of losing or compromising your keys

Digital document signing (using PGP and Acrobat PDF)

Secure signing of software applications

Generate, write, sign, decrypt, hash and wrap keys

Software copy protection

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